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Clubbell® and Kettlebell Certification Seminar 
Haltern, Germany 
6. - 7. Dezember 2008
im choice of champions-gym in Haltern am See

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Hier finden Sie einige Informationen über das zweite Seminar in Deutschland mit  “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon über sein legendäres Circular Strength Training® System:

6. Dezember: Kettlebell  Training: 10:30 - ca. 16:30 (mit Mittagspause)

7. Dezember: Clubbell® Training: 10:30 - ca. 16:30 (mit Mittagspause)

Zusätzliche Themen:

- Athletic Body-Flow Yoga PRASARA
- Metabolic Conditioning for Fighters

Mehr zum Inhalt

Seminarpreis: 550 EUR

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Für Frühanmelder bis 20. Oktober: 500 EUR für beide Tage, Sie sparen 50 Euro!

Ort: choice of champions-gym
Recklinghäuser Str. 119
45721 Haltern am See

Kontakt und Anmeldung: Per email oder Telefon. Wir nehmen ab jetzt Interessenten in einer Liste auf

Tel.: 02364 94 90 211, Mo. - Fr. 10 - 17.30 Uhr

Wir helfen Ihnen gern, eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit zu finden.

Für die Verpflegung mit Getränken ist gesorgt. Mittags stellen wir eine Mahlzeit gegen einen kleinen Kostenbeitrag zur Verfügung

Für Trainer im BVDK: Dieser Lehrgang kann zur Lizenzverlängerung genutzt werden, eine entsprechende Bescheinigung wird ausgestellt.

choice of champions gmbh
recklinghaeuser str. 119
45721 haltern
tel.: 0 23 64/94 90 211
tel.: ++49 23 64/94 90 211


Why are Kettlebells outstripping barbells and machines as the fitness tool of choice?

Functional muscles for real-world fitness
Fat Loss, Toning, and Increased Energy and Vitality
Portability – your “gym” travels with you
Efficiency – a full body workout in a fraction of the time of gym programs, which means fitness on the hurry-up for busy people


Kettlebell training is the current fitness industry sensation! Join the thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts throughout the world who are making the shift away from dead end machine training and back to low-tech high-gain functional fitness the old school way. 

Kettlebell training works the entire body as a unit to build power and shred the physique in a fraction of the time it takes to complete the typical bodybuilding split routine. The full body integration harnessed by swinging the kettlebell translates to real world power gains on the athletic field, turns the body into a fat-burning furnace, and chisels the type of hard body that turns heads just walking down the street.

You owe it to your clients to get this tool into your gym today!

Beyond Kettlebells: The Clubbell will shred your physique like no other tool!

Three-Dimensional Strength for real-world applications
Complex Training Effect for movement sophistication and exponential rates of  progress
Grip Strength and Endurance – the “missing link” in most athletic programs
Extreme Range Strength builds a “safety valve” for when movements deviate from expected ranges
Shoulder Synergy to stabilize the most mobile joint in the human body
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation addresses your issues before they sideline you

Described as the most advanced wellness system on the planet, "an integration of ancient fitness tools with modern sports science", a Circular Strength Training session challenges your mind, sculpts your body, and re-engages your creativity. You’ll never again go through the motions on a plodding treadmill or a sagging bench, where you exercise while staring at a babbling TV and try to endure the monotony. A Clubbell workout will never confine you because it's all about setting you free.


No other tool in the fitness trainer’s arsenal provides the sport specific benefits of the Clubbell, which is why it has become the secret weapon of choice of some of the top professional athletic organizations in the world. Join these teams in adopting the most cutting edge performance enhancement system on the planet:

Italy’s AC Milano Football Club
NFL Baltimore Ravens
NFL Washington Redskins
NFL Cleveland Browns
NFL Cincinnati Bengals
NHL New Jersey Devils

The CST System has been represented in more magazines than any other fitness system of its caliber. Men's Fitness Magazine named Circular Strength Training "essential for the at-home workout" and "best for strengthening a joint's entire range of motion." The New York Post called it the “most challenging new workout of 2007”. Australia’s Cleo Magazine voted CST the #1 Best Fitness System of 2008. As a result, CST is in demand in the health and fitness industry for public classes across the United States and throughout the world.

About Scott Sonnon
Scott Sonnon, author and inventor of the Patented Clubbell, is an international martial arts champion (in both Russian Sambo wrestling and Chinese Sanshou kickboxing), a former USA National Sambo Team Coach, who was awarded the USSR's most coveted athletic distinction, "Honourable Master of Sport". Scott earned the title of "Master Coach" from World Champion Record Holder for designing The Official Kettlebell Warm-up Mobility and Cool-down Yoga Progrmas, and Co-Presenting of the World Kettlebell Club Kettlebell Fitness Program . 
For overcoming an array of childhood physical disabilities and rising to the world's most elite athletics and coaching, Scott has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Personal Trainer Hall of Fame, and can be found in the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum. Scott can be found at daily on his blog during his worldwide travels at www.flowcoach.tv and primary international headquarters at www.rmaxinternational.com. In Germany you can get his products through choice of champions.

Scott Sonnon, The Flow Coach
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Personal Blog: www.FlowCoach.tv 

Leading the Wellness Revolution Since 1996


· A 43 Abfahrt Marl Nord (Lüdinghausen, Flaesheim) in Richtung Lüdinghausen, Flaesheim

· Die Straße wird zu einer Kraftfahrstraße

· Fahren Sie bei der Ausfahrt "Haltern" ab

· Fahren Sie rechts in Richtung Haltern

· Die Straße geht über in die Recklinghäuser Straße

· Sie überqueren den Kanal und die Lippe, dann sehen Sie eine Ampel

· direkt hinter der Ampel biegen Sie rechts auf das Grundstück der Recklinghäuser Str. 119

· Fahren Sie links am Gebäude vorbei und parken Sie im Hof

Der Ort ist leicht zu finden, daher verzichten wir auf eine Karte. Im Notfall fragen Sie bitte nach dem Weg zur Glashütte

choice of champions gmbh
recklinghaeuser str. 119
45721 haltern
tel.: 0 23 64/94 90 211
tel.: ++49 23 64/94 90 211